The Challenge

• Identify a problem to solve.

• Design a solution to the problem for your community.

• Share your ideas, learn from others, and improve your solution.

• Pitch your solution at an event.


Our Problem and Solution

Identifying the Problem and Inspiration

We thought long and hard about this year’s challenge. We read 16 articles and studies about exercise and health. We wanted to hear real problems from people first hand. So we created and sent out multiple surveys to friends, family, and numerous online groups. We got a whopping 81 responses!

We reviewed the results and discovered people spend way too much time sitting, whether at home, work, or school. Age doesn't matter, all age groups are sitting too much! This helped us to identify our problem, “People exercise less because they do not have the time and it’s just not fun.”

Researching our Innovative Solution

We researched our solution idea online and found several under-desk pedal machines, but they did not include the features and mechanics that our idea has. None of the existing machines connect to a game and they also don't have automatically adjusting resistance.

Our Solution

The EGOT, (Exercise Game Of Tomorrow!) Is an under-desk pedal machine that connects via Bluetooth to an electronic device, such as a cell phone or tablet. Then an app is used to access an awesome endless-runner style game. With 3 themed stages contain 12 levels each, plus a boss level called the Black Diamond.

Some unique game mechanics our idea has is that the pedal machine’s cadence would automatically adjust according to the terrain and level as well as adjusting foot straps so all ages can use the EGOT.

After sharing our idea with a bunch of professionals, we received some wonderful feedback that we decided to implement, such as standing exercises. So we had another brainstorming session to find a way to include the stand-up exercises in-between levels. These are on-your-honor exercises that give the user the chance to earn badges while taking much-needed stretch breaks from sitting!

We know that when working, people can’t be playing games. So our game would be designed to still be playable while not actively in the app. For example, once logged into the app, users can choose a ‘Work Mode’ that allows them to pedal and collect rewards for distance traveled. The cost for our idea would cost about $350k, we got this number by researching on at least four different websites and virtually talking to three professionals then adding up all the information we got

Sharing our Innovative Solution with Professionals, Friends and Family

When lining up the cost, Haneke design said that $250k would be for paying people to make the game as well as $25 for putting our app on Google Play, then about 100k to get the hardware to make the resistance work with the pedal machine we have designed this season. This season we have contacted 22 professionals which includes psychologists, app developers, cybersecurity, and fitness trainers. So far we have received 10 responses from people we have contacted.

The ten responses are from 1 psychologist, 5 fitness trainers , 1 cybersecurity, and 3 app developers. From 1 of the app developers, we learned that Unity is a better option for building our game. From the other two, we learned that we can have a minimum of 3 to 4 people. The 2 fitness trainers said that they liked our idea and said there was an improvement that we had to make which was to add standing exercise as well. Another thing we learned from the fitness trainers is all of the muscles are affected by the under-desk pedal machine.

Future Plans

We plan to expand different platforms such as VR or Nintendo switch for stand up exercises. At the moment we are currently researching to see if it is even possible to implement our app on different platforms.