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Robot Overview


Our robot's name is NovaCrab and it's based on the DroidBot C. It has 2 colour sensors, 4 motors; 2 medium, 2 large. We have 5 attachments and they consist mostly of scaffolding. Our maximum score is 355 and our typical score is 255.

Our team was watching some of the Seshan brothers’ streams and one of the videos was about robot design. We saw a bunch of the designs they talked about and recommended. We then decided to get a bunch of robot designs then vote down to the final two robots where we decided to build them both and test them. The one we decided on after testing was the DroidBot C.

Our robot is box shaped, which helps with the scaffolding. The robot moves using two vertical large motors on the back of the robot. Attachment wise we have three scaffolding attachments for boccia and basketball. We also have an arm to hold the cubes. For Bench we have an elevator attached to a medium motor that lifts the backrest off.

We have only modified our robot once this season. When we first built it we realized the position of the medium motors wouldn’t work for scaffolding attachments. So we moved the motors to the front of the bot so our attachments would work better.

Our most innovative feature of our robot is the Step Counter attachment which guides the lock of the mission into a channel and keeps it from moving. This allows us to make the robot go at full speed. We got this idea from a former FLL member in Virginia that has helped us in the past.

The way we picked missions this year is we looked at the board and picked models that were close together for each run. We did have to re-evaluate mission order near the end of the season.

10 days prior to the recording of our runs for qualifiers, the file with the code sadly corrupted and we lost everything. We tried opening it multiple different ways and we even put it out on the FLL Share and Learn and no one could open it, so we had to start from scratch.

With our new code we have 6 programs: Master Program, Basketball, StepCounter, Bench/Innovative, and Boccia/Dance. Having to redo our code did allow us to complete the missions faster and ensure we had time to get to our final mission dance mat. We also changed the order of our robot runs.

In both our old and new code we used alignment against walls, wall driving to remove drift, and line following to also minimize drift.

The feature we are most proud of is the scaffolding attachment we built for boccia share which slides on top of the robot and pushes the blue cube down the slide getting us 25 points. We made a goal for this year to make a scaffolding attachment and we achieved it.

But the most challenging parts of our season was a motor failure a few weeks before qualifier we figured out had been causing issues for weeks and then losing all of our code.

One of the highlights of the season was getting a score of 255 at Roboticon. And The most fun part about our robot is that it looks like a crab when all the attachments are off of it.

Recorded Scores

Engineering Notebook (Documentation)